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Administration portuaire de Montréal

The Montreal Port Authority manages the MPA's infrastructure and facilitates its clients' transportation and logistical activities in order to promote trade and contribute to the prosperity of both the Greater Montreal region and of Canada, while respecting the environment.

Crisis management and design of various communication tools.

Case study
crisis management

Faced with declining revenues in the grain industry, the Port of Montreal engages a process to sell the grain terminal operations to a specialized contractor. The project has risks of controversy among employees who will lose their jobs, but also with political leaders and agricultural producers and their union representatives. The Administration recognizes the need to support the process with a coherent and integrated communication strategy to avoid difficulties.

The tender, the preliminary selection of contractors, the diligent review and the announcement of the transfer of activities to the new owner were conducted as dictated by the objectives. No stoppage, no dispute or job action happened. The project was favorably received by all stakeholders.

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