Accomplished Missions

Fédération des producteurs de porcs du Québec

Agricultural association affiliated with the UPA and the Canadian Pork Council.

Wanting to highlight the durable development efforts of the FPPQ, they chose Enigma to instigate brand repositioning and to undertake strategic planning of all their communications.

Brand image development and communication plan.


Case study
The desire to last -

new brand image


Often the subject of criticism, Quebec pork producers (4,000)
had made a number of efforts over the years to reduce the impact
of their activities on the environment. This included attenuating
the effect of pig farming on neighbouring properties and investing
in R&D designed to find better ways of producing quality pork.
Despite all these efforts, the image of pork farming remained stubbornly negative.


After repositioning itself, launching a new brand image and revising its internal and external communication plans, the FPPQ now gets more favourable press. A real PR coup for the federation.


Graphic identity / brand image and slogan
Design and production of 2010 calendar
Stationery design
Communication tools
Communication tools for the national environmental exhibition / kiosk, ads, coupons, flyers