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Vérificateur général de la ville de Montréal

The Bureau du vérificateur général serves elected officials. Its work impacts all of the city's activities. Whether we're conducting financial, compliance or value-for-money audits, our objective remains the same: A reliable opinion all the time.

Issues and crisis management, branding et strategic counsel.



Case study
Annual report

The Annual report of the Vérificateur général de la Ville de Montréal is made public in a climate of controversy, over disclosures that officials spied on the city auditor-general by reading his e-mails. Meanwhile, the auditor-general is suing the city, the officials involved and the Chairman of the Audit Committee. The media is eagerly waiting for the Annual report, nonetheless missing two highly anticipated chapters regarding Bixi and the Commande centralisée du métro of Montréal, due to the energy spent on the espionage case (objects of a special report - june 2011).

The report has been submitted and the media draw the right conclusions from it. Despite personal attacks from the City's administration, the auditor-general still benefits from great credibility.