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Association des employeurs maritimes

The Maritime Employers Association acts on behalf of its Members in the negotiation and management of the collective agreements for more than 1,200 employees working in the Ports of Montréal, Trois-Rivières/Bécancour, Hamilton and Toronto.

Strategies and tactics to minimize the impact of the 2010 lockout in Port of Montréal, while the collective agreement had been expired for two years. Media relations and spokesperson.

Case study
crisis management in times
of « lockout »

Difficult negotiations ongoing for two years regarding the renewal of the Port of Montreal employees' collective agreement forces the Maritime Employers Association to declare a "lockout". This risky decision may raise negative public opinion. A proactive media strategy quickly established the communication parameters and preserved the favorable position of employers.

A tentative agreement was signed after only five days of business interruption and the collective agreement was ratified a few weeks later.

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