Accomplished Missions


Eaux vives Water, a canadian company held by Morgan Stanley (an american firm), operates an « Esker » in Abitibi and commercializes bottled water under the brand ESKA.

Crisis management regarding a controversial advertising campaign especially offensive to First Nations. A reactive strategy was needed to preserve ESKA's reputation.

Case study
controversial advertising

An advertising campaign designed by kbs+p shows aboriginals as ESKA warriors defending the purity of water. Rapidly, the ads create a huge controversy on social networks and in the media. ESKA must preserve its brand and reputation.

An analysis of the situation, a review of comments on various electronic platforms (social media, web sites, phone), the growing reactions in social networks and coverage from the national media influenced the company in following the recommendation to withdraw the whole campaign, offer apologies to those offended and start a dialogue with them.

The campaign was withdrawn, apologies were issued and meetings were sought with community representatives.