Accomplished Missions

Fédération des Médecins Spécialistes du Québec

The FMSQ's mission is to defend and promote the economic, professional, scientific and social interests of specialist medical practitioners
of affiliated associations.

Ad campaign (newspaper ads, radio,
TV and billboard) and media relations campaign aimed at making the public and government aware of the reality of specialist doctors' situations in order to facilitate negotiations
with the government.


Case study
Ads and PR:

Specialists, people
of value


Specialists learned that the government was refusing
to honour a signed agreement recognising a disparity
in pay and an intent to rectify this situation. National
media coverage was impressive and the ads were
used by the media as case studies.


A post-campaign poll demonstrated public support
for the specialists' position. Ultimately, the government
began negotiations and ended up increasing its offer.



Shock value advertising campaign / People of value
Shock value advertising campaign / People of value