Accomplished Missions


Now available in a number of countries, PronoKal is a unique weight loss program supervised by a multi-disciplinary team including doctors, dieticians, psychologists and trainers who work together to maximise clients' weight loss and the maintenance of target weight. The PronoKal program offers the support and motivation needed throughout
a weight loss program. In fall of 2010,
PronoKal opened offices in Montreal.

Case study
Awareness runs deep.


Unknown in Quebec, Marathonman (who is financially backed by PronoKal) is a Belgian who gave himself the challenge of running a Marathon per day for 365 days. The reason? To promote healthy lifestyles. While in Montreal (August 31 to September 5, 2010) he ran 7 Marathons including the Montreal Marathon. 


A PR campaign with on-site promotional activities in collaboration with Montreal-based organisations ensured excellent media coverage (print, Web, TV, Radio). The unique aspect of the Marathonman challenge, with Enigma's efforts, ensured that his passage was well-publicised throughout the province.


Promotional posters
Media relations and on-site promotions