Accomplished Missions

Coalition contre l’obésite morbide

Non-profit Quebec organization that builds
on the strength of association in order to bring awareness to the problem of morbid obesity
and promotes a better access to bariatric surgery in Quebec.

Strategic communication plan, formalization
of the Coalition by the creation of the legal
entity and the brand image. Coaching
of two spokespeople, PR, media relations
and lobbying.

case study
morbid obesity in Quebec: the weight that kills


Morbid obesity affects more than 300 000 people in Quebec and this number keeps going up. Jennifer Schultz and Josée Roy both received bariatric surgery and now want to sensitize the governement, the media and the population in order to help the morbidly obese, increase access to bariatric surgery and reduce the waiting times.


Because of PR and lobbying, the Coalition is now a reference. She draw the profile of the morbidly obese (surveys/1000 respondents), she unveiled the waiting list for bariatric surgery in Quebec (what the MSSS wasn't able to do), and filed a petition with more than 600 signatures to the National Assembly. Most of all, the government commited itself to increasing the number of practiced bariatric surgeries from 840 in 2009 to 3000 in 2012.

Creation of the Coalition's branding and logo design.
Website design and establishment. Survey with more than 1000 respondents to establish a profile for the morbidly obese in Quebec.
Communication tools. Posters, cardboards, PPT presentation.